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Air pollution: PM 10

FeaturedAir pollution: PM 10

In any populated city today these particles are being released in the public air by human activities like the use of combustion vehicles, industrial factories, nearby extractions, construction and more with natural ones as well. PM stands for Particulate Matter, and with a size of about 10 micrometers, they are capable of directly entering toward the blood after being inhaled. It happens like with PM 2.5 particles, these with even less size against the physical barriers and thought to be actually more dangerous.

Airborne particulate types differ in composition so the complexity of their interaction in the organism cannot be analyzed easily. Perhaps it continues being impossible considering the current development state as they are billions of factors plus variations and permutations.

Sometimes particles at this size are created in the presence of other air pollutants due to chemical reactions. Generally PM 10 could be encountered as liquid or solid with the aid of special equipment.

It's a source of concerns at every level since as it was mentioned PM 10 interacts for mere inhalation creating health issues with unknown degree of fatality. Thanks to this, numerous cities are monitoring particulate matter and establishing policies to reduce their emission. Sadly, the levels speak for themselves, without solution to avoid their constant production, creating a continuous risk to the population. In fact, the public produces more.

The quality of the air affects everything; no people live without breathing. Even in the most polluted air, finally it's going to be taken. We should remind the responsibility based in having the chance of polluting and to not polluting. The money cannot help health here, only buying an isolation facility and with it, the lack of freedom and its possibilities.

Then the solutions must be based in controlling the emission sources and filtration at an industrial level. That or to wait for more problems, sitting in a (questionable) cozy place.

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