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The business of transgression

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Multiple people know that in the present context, where a considerable percentage of the population is affected by some media efforts to manipulate the behavior for the purpose of consuming a good source of income comes in the form of transgression. Morals, ethics go then to the floor in exchange for money and a crowd expecting to observe the "unseen" in public, or at least to listen it, a technique not started today nor in the past hundred years.

To specify a little more about manipulation, it's in relationship with how advertisement, tendentious critics, awards and presence in the media could create popularity toward a product superseded by another. Not always nor to everyone but there are a few tactics in the current time.

Lamentably United States is one of the top producers of this kind of marketing. We have been seeing labels with a strange affinity to focus this model of business, captivating the attention and charging high prices in any part of the chain.

But sometimes the transgression goes below the limit of the law, creating potential liability for having experiences in justice courts where a group of professionals check what is allowable according to national and international law and what is not, deciding the fate of the involved people.

An aspect that everyone should take care of is children protection as they are completely innocent of every circumstance and have the right to choose their path without being manipulated to be part of obscene material, apologies toward drugs or other behaviors that could lead to problematic consequences and they are of course illegal in multiple countries.

In the adult world, the statistics speak for themselves, pages of pornography are chosen frequently so let's focus on education for solving the mistakes of those generations that did not remember the implications of being a voyeur (the indiscreet window of the reality, not a movie) and promoting prostitution, abductions, aborts and giving power to a sector that usually wants to promote the social transgression. And why not to live in a place where no individual forgets what's intimacy or dignity other time, forcing others to see a kind of imagery that is contextually too close to other states of evolution or other animal species without the sense of public or private.

It's not the first time that we see animals doing things that humans do not in public and never will. Well, there are exceptions and it's sad that they are now part of the recorded material. It makes us remember who's who in front of the present and especially the future.

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