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Why some companies go against their own actions?

FeaturedWhy some companies go against their own actions?

In one side a private entity causes a big problem and in the other it tries to solve other of the same nature but without doing it, showing mass media efforts. A good example is when a manufacturer of electronic devices plans techniques that cause the constant wastage of products due to the limitations that were conceived to force the user to do so and in the same context it loudly claims to have projects to fight against electronic waste.

Multiple examples, but let's remember today when a manufacturer of mobile devices uses the memory for establishing price ranges and sticks on an operating system that requires memory to install applications, blocking the installation in external memory.

If a normal user experiences the lack of memory, the mobile device cannot install applications losing a great number of possibilities but at the same time it increases the chance of selling a new mobile device with more memory, perhaps of the same manufacturer that conceived the limitation.

Any consumer should criticize when the manufacturer uses tricks of this kind, when it's very easy to code an operating system to allow external installation of applications in every circumstance. Perhaps not only one individual perceived how Android, a doubly rebranded Unix based OS taking advantage of the open source community's work, promised a version where applications could be installed on external memory. Well, this was completely false most of the time, as it continues providing support to those developers that do not like the idea or even don't want nor make a single effort on this.

The consequence can be seen and planned in advance easily, the mobile device goes to the trash and not only one, millions and millions each period for these reasons. And finally, the curious reality when a user has a device plenty of free memory and the limitation of internal memory causes the lack of functionality harming users. Also it employs the deplorable technique of forcing the user to update the device if it wants the functionality that technically has: memory to install.

Not only here, focusing constant updates in the operating system without backward compatibility or demanding more system resources each period. Windows, Apple also know about this one to cite others of special relevance today. Windows XP, one of the most used operating systems lost support recently, for sure creating mountains and mountains of hardware waste even when numerous users were served with it in terms of functionality and with road for more decades of use.

The law in the current reality must not allow more unnecessary waste, as it damages the environment where populations and other species live, and not only today. Like it or not it's a real dependency that affects health or other main factors. The e-waste reality has promoters with techniques like this and the free will in the quest for clean money no matter how it was made or why. Let's also mention how locations trying to be developed countries receive critical amounts of hardware waste that the developed countries ironically cannot handle, forcing their populations to burn it creating a highly toxic pollution that causes severe illness, death or an extreme risk to everyone, even in children as it was documented.

That's what e-waste causes today in some areas, so to buy and sell is an act that needs to be made with responsibility for not being the cause, and then, guilty.

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