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Hydrocarbons today and tomorrow (Part II)

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Some people do not like to hear the truth, but anyway with a better international organization the entire civilization could mostly proceed without using a resource that pollutes the atmosphere and creates multiple consequences.

It's also assumed that today there aren't easy solutions without assuming a small percentage of emissions. Nonetheless the sectors don't need to be near populated areas or break the natural cycle for carbon dioxide fixation by the photosynthesis reality.

Analyzing the extension of multiple deserts and the energy input per square meter, with the aid of a calculator it's easily proven —and not a surprise nowadays— that the Sun is more powerful than every hydrocarbon on Earth and last more without theoretical setbacks To say then “black gold” is an opinion that it's based in a virtual statement, a point of view in a situation.

Forgetting now subjective considerations of the money's real value, that energy is now despised and in the other hand the resource that creates pollution and the destruction of natural zones with incredible art and diversity continues in the top.

To create an international channel of electricity distribution is also a business, proceeding from a single desert for instance; or selling solar panels, installations or maintenance like other related elements toward energy harvesting. With international cooperation, every party might retain a proportional percentage.

With a battery swap system mechanism and a standardization of batteries the problem of EV range would be solved forever. The construction industry also uses machinery with potential electric capability for battery or direct usage, sure. Electric rails for trains or cars, and there's still more available possibilities for the same functionality.

International leaders are now writing history where nor in a scientifically exposed scenario with overpollution in cities, climate interaction and the mentioned natural destruction in vulnerable areas the international treaty for immediate action takes place providing solid solutions and a short-term plan according to the circumstances.

To speak is easy, or to write... but what happens when in paper all takes place and it's proven that every other word or letter aren't equally straightforward?

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