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Intergalactic space temperature


Trying to see what's going on in Andromeda, at 2.5 million light years, the traveler should account with the temperature in the medium. Some scientists think that some zones reach temperatures that oscillate toward millions of degrees Celsius, in the exterior part of the galaxy.

In the movie set the actors cross space-time being helped by those surprising equations, traveling through time and in another dimension to the far side of the Universe. But what happens when you hit in real life with an area that is almost as hot as a star and the trajectory must continue?

If these theories are true, it looks literally impossible to be capable of isolating the spaceship's interior (or the exterior) and guaranteeing a good investment in the mission. Wait, did you read somewhere 2.5 million light years of distance?

Recent estimations affirm that Andromeda comes to us at 300 kilometers per second, probably hitting the Milky Way in a bunch of million years one or two above, perhaps below. Do not forget the sunglasses to see the event! When traveling to a galaxy seems unthinkable, it's curious that the other galaxy travels to your location.

This extreme temperature could find an explanation in a filamentary structure with higher atomic density in comparison to the normal medium forming plasma.

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