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Surfing for fun, a relevant video

FeaturedSurfing for fun, a relevant video

Kama is another mammal that likes surfing although being a pig some could be a bit surprised. It's a clear example of how these species develop interests in a cognitive scale far from strictly "eat or die" in an automatic fashion as Descartes or other philosophers theorize not so long ago or even today. «Bruta sensu carent» means the automatism of the beast, with fancy words but sometimes the actions and knowledge impede thousand opinions. If the rationality and sapientia leads to an unsustainable development and with it a daily aggression to the environment in which multiple innocent species live and suffer consequences, perhaps it's better not to say nothing and accept who is the cause and why.

When the waves are small, Kama jumps off the board and start swimming but keep on surfing otherwise. What is intelligence? The creature tries to find enjoyable activities and friends, and with it, Kama doesn't cause death. «Bruta sensu carent» could say others when there's not the possibility of discerning when to eat from one source or another if one of them destroys any possibility for a creature with enough interest to fulfill the life expectancy like it's supposed to, charging in one's history an action with a transcendence that could be judged by other rational observers.

The perception of taste has the explanation of being a psychological habituation, an educational factor. The observable reality told us that some populations enjoy eating bugs and other ones find the action even repugnant. Having sapientia anyone could analyze this fact and then expect that any individual can educate himself / herself to enjoy different tastes or to not require others. If the person doesn't understand, the automatism leads to an inertial behavior that could last a lifetime.

Multiple societies aren't now considering survival with the dogmatic and already mentioned “eat or die” as in ancient times, hunting for necessity. The chain food nor the dictionary include as predators to some client who picks meat in a supermarket. If it's a business, convenience, earns the qualification of a lucrative endeavor as well.

From other view, to perceive affectivity, infliction differentiates a human from other theoretically less intelligent species, so it's strange when you see people caring for dogs or cats while they do not feel anything for other mammals like pigs or rabbits. Newly we are talking about education and the solidification of habits, but they aren't logical or say rational.

Not the first time that happens in history, and when it does, it's claiming for a change. Perhaps it's memorable and inspiring to see this little creature surfing at the beach.

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