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Bitcoin, the idea that needs massive amounts of energy

Bitcoin, the idea that needs massive amounts of energy

Lucrative interests that demand electricity for mining bitcoins, perhaps forgetting other time that this action implies today more air pollution, harmful nuclear residues or more zones attacked for depleting resources. Using energy directly derived by the Sun doesn't make individuals guilty of causing harm to the environment after using sources that produce the aforementioned measurable results in the environment, always the highest priority element since it's necessary for living in adequate conditions.

Like in those years where some locations had been receiving gold miners, the reality now has a deeper content and reach. Theoretically any individual could start to use computational power and then electricity for mining bitcoins, increasing the energy consumption in a high percentage. Nationality doesn't matter, the tools are free so the current development at a government level doesn't see nothing particularly objectionable even when this idea causes massive amounts of waste and it's completely replaceable as there are other available ideas and also active currencies in any part of the world. Then, anyone seems to have license for wasting energy at this extent even when doing so finally causes more quantifiable damage. It cannot be compared with gaming or turning on a TV, the numbers are much higher plus this doesn't have limits to grow.

Mining is a computational race, call it a mathematical game or brute force guessing, but you could also establish more complexity degrees to promote users in the task of wasting even more energy resources, always called by the personal lucrative interest. At a first glance it looks unthinkable in a completely unsustainable development talking about energy terms, but wait a moment... it's being done!

These efforts finally might be compared with the interest on creating more damage to the environment as it's finally what technically does because the human world doesn't run completely on clean or entirely damage-free energy. It's possible with the current technology, but the fight is against ideas like this or toward other pressure groups with too many interests on continuing with their lucrative purposes once they have a sort of accumulated power. That's curious as anyone breathes the same air, and eats the same byproducts of the environment without escape. There's who thinks and understand the world has a creator as well that doesn't need taking notes —for memory backup— of each one's behavior. Luck then. Today light a bulb without a good reason should have consequences.

Let's see how the "bitcoin attitude" continues.

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