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Bamboo wood is an advanced material that also has the fantastic property of growing very fast. Other people say that it's the fastest on Earth, so let's assume that the difference is high. Deforestation finally causes problems to everyone as the quality of the air depends on it, the diversity and natural paradises get attacked savagely causing monotony with fewer options for living and activities in multiple areas.

Buying some kind of woods, especially furniture or other house objects, the customer should make efforts to know the origin of the trees because not doing so perhaps he / she is being converted in an ungrateful world citizen that doesn't care for its own environment.

Focusing bamboo for wood production, the industry has an amazing resource with a very fast growing rate and almost no impact to the public environment once the elements aren't ready for more use. The toxicity is practically zero, it doesn't need paint because it already has the inherent beauty of wood, almost no weight and spectacular strength, so... why the entire world still not use this resource exclusively avoiding critical setbacks due to deforestation of natural resources?

The answer is simple, and it happens more or less the same with solar power against nuclear or carbon based. The current state of evolution is the consequence of different stages and multiple people adapting themselves to the circumstances. Resources of this kind, woods, are the unique source of income for multiple groups around the world. After the processes and infrastructure appears it's necessary to focus another sort of method to avoid more damage by inertial meanings.

With options, and fortunately Nature doesn't lack ideas, the solution lies on promoting education and other governmental measures —legislation principally— in the task of establishing new habituation for a more rational future. In this case migrating to other wood sources for production.

Nobility or aristocracy —now they look for numerous observers in crisis after the discovery of the human genome— knew well about exotic, rare and expensive wood. But, what kind of nobility could be seen in causing destruction to the ancestral environment for personal benefits? If different substitutes like bamboo are there for being used, with exceptional properties and low price, the use is a must with no excuses or complaints!

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