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Maximum transcendence: waste treatment (Part I)

FeaturedMaximum transcendence: waste treatment (Part I)

With billions of consumers if the waste treatment is not meticulously planned there will come great disasters sooner or later. Some of them are already here, like the plastic debris found in the ocean or the pH acidification that causes destruction of ecosystems, unique in this planet. More than insensate the fact of believing that using natural zones or even the atmosphere as a dump by billions of tons could pass without consequences that everyone will face as a sign of cause and effect.

When the species are rational it exists the possibility of analyzing each possible factor before proceeding toward elements that could be used by massive numbers. The problem is when there's chance for decisions being made for private, lucrative interests since doing so those nefarious sons of nature can achieve conveniences for personal benefit, harming the rest of elements, population and other species included.

An evolved society must create legislation and increase educative efforts for giving fewer opportunities to behaviors of this kind because the consequences after a limit of technological development start catastrophic events.

The society also needs to understand that continuing in the same rhythm of waste production, the same pace that already created problems, only ensures that tomorrow the setback is bigger and bigger and the new generations are going to suffer for completely unfair actions. To live was always a responsibility and every action counts for the global score of existential intelligence. Waiting for the depletion of resources and zones for waste doesn't rank, it looks like a path for savage civilizations.

There's the possibility of promoting a better environment, the key for living in well conditions, solving the wrong steps and learning from mistakes. Who doesn't do it, is a culprit and signs in the history something that no individual that lives for a reason should ever do.

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