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Responsibility about throwing things

FeaturedResponsibility about throwing things

It's a terrible mistake when recycling looks like the miraculous solution for the massive amounts of paper, plastics or electronic waste thrown away. The easy and expensive at the same time solution for some people seems to recycle —or even nor this— without thinking in other options before. Another case of personal convenience, a cosiness that in the first place avoids to give another useful destination when multiple times it's possible.

For instance once the paper magazines were read, perhaps other person could be interested on them. Sometimes the paper serves for another purposes in terms of DIY or another activity. The easy solution of course is to take a bag and trusting in that nothing bad is going to happen.

The same for plastics or electronic products. There are locations that buy these objects for giving intermediate destinations before being recycled. Anyone that has the ability of choosing what throws away, also has the responsibility of doing it after thinking in other alternatives. In the present time, there are too many people and these kinds of actions are never isolated anymore, so who doesn't take the appropriate measures could be added to a big group and with its actions, problematic consequences should arise sooner or later for being experienced globally. That's not the right path to walk for those who live on this planet.

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