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Sport maybe, and sportsmanship?

FeaturedSport maybe, and sportsmanship?

Different people observe sport from an economic side, if players need to have representation from a private entity for being in the market. So, all the players that do not take the appropriate steps, even with talent, they will not reach high grounds. This seems the first detail against the sense of true competition.

After it, once the groups are done from a reserved area the competition starts ensuring that someone must win in every organized event. Sportsmanship has to be with fair play, and this word cannot include acting, deceiving, losing time, disproportionate physical contact in those games that are prone to it and so on.

The fact is sports like popular football have a high degree of the aforementioned behaviors in statistical terms. Even more, sometimes are the main cause of a win. Technology permits to review the actions at low speed, and this shows the professionals that supervise the actions in the field are usually deceived creating another type of game, very important but forgetting by far sportsmanship. And it continues this way without changes nor sanctions!

When actions of this kind arise someone could start to think if this is called sport or a mere, blurred battle where the rules are for being fooled in front of multiple eyes.

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