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How pigs lose their life

How pigs lose their life

Some individuals are perhaps more worried about other aspects like what's on TV or some personal benefit, but let's remember that it happens. Yesterday, we noted something about the pig's brain with estimations about their number of neurons, like in this list, although as you can see, there's no info of these species. It could seem strange as they are constantly "sacrificed", so which is the —rare— aspect that stops contemporary researchers in this field?

As a sociological analysis, the domesticated pig is not between the most violent mammals and then, some people think they were chosen for this task of human nutrition due to the relative ease for being domesticated, as this creature gains trust like a dog or a cat. Bulls have horns and use them against a possible threat, so they are less common. Small and non dangerous was the straightforward idea.

If pigs are simply meat, how Nature could assign to these species a well-developed brain in near half billion neuron mark and morphologically similar to humans?

As it be, talking about billion figures it could induce to error when the subject of choice are cells. For instance, the number of dog olfactory receptor cells looks like 1 billion while the human has 12 million. That's more difference than in the ratio of brain cells in the same comparison of species, and for a lot of path ahead. Could be proven that there's not so much difference in performance for newborns without forms of training in olfactory terms?

Not only brains, the pig's organism has very obvious similarities with humans or multiple other mammals. And now, this is on the table as facts that everyone could check by themselves!

These creatures with a sympathetic face normally finish their existence by several manners in dependence of the interests of who does it. To find for information in this subject is really frightening, so if you still want some details, please check this site. The hypothesized from ancient times technicization of the death.

There are also hundred million people who live without causing this reality, and we hope there will be more in the future. The human organism doesn't need meat to be healthy.

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