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When the manufacturer plays unfair

FeaturedWhen the manufacturer plays unfair

A product like any other, with functionality during some time but after a bit you discover that it uses pieces of bad quality, thought to break easily and charging a considerable price for spare parts. Even, some manufacturers do have a terrible customer service that forces the user to lose time with unnecessary forwarding or having unqualified personal. This looks like those companies using phone numbers that charge money to the innocent user and make efforts to enlarge the calls artificially.

What an aleatory user can do when it finds a problem of this kind? The usual way is to make a resignation and note the experience for future purchases, as the law of supply and demand normally takes consideration of these aspects. However, the user sometimes has another option and this has reference with do it yourself techniques.

Some call it hacking although this time it's simply to analyze a problem and solve it using technical methods with the help of some tools and ideas. If the piece lacks a metal bolt, with a drill and some glue the piece could last a decade, so there's less chance to the noxious quantity of waste that some manufacturers are promoting due to precarious quality standards. Now, some social engineers see what's obvious to lead in the task of more sales and lucrative revenue but condemning the habitat to a higher degree of toxic waste and overall contamination, specially critical in terms of e-waste. Who is guilty?

We encourage to everyone in the task of learning new technical skills and see alike problems from other perspective. Something breaks, and something gets fixed. Also, if you do not have time or sadly interest there are individuals that can do it for you, instead of simply despising the object and creating more and more contamination or in the best case recycling efforts with considerable resources lost, like energy or others. To worry about the habitat in which everybody lives seems rational and other behaviors do not.

Any bad experience with products should be shared or as well methods to avoid the problems.

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