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Earth's instability Part II

FeaturedEarth's instability Part II

More instability comes with facts like ocean acidification due to carbon dioxide absorption, as the pH of this aqueous solution increases. The melting in polar areas causes putrefaction of organic tissues leading to more potential harmful gases. A rise in the level of oceans increase pressures in some areas, with possible convergences toward plate tectonics. Any of these realities are much more complex.

If the Sun reaches with more energy since the atmosphere is being used like a cheap dump, in some parts of the year the changes in temperature would be also worrying, as going from summer to winter in mere hours. This is another element that affects everyday actions, health and quality of life.

Extreme cold or heat are usually reasons for experiencing health issues.

Thanks principally to human actions, different species and inclusive other people are living extreme circumstances of instability that lead to deaths, suffering or extinctions.

A capitalism based endeavor promotes a constant rate of consumption and with it, resource exhaustion at a higher rhythm without respecting natural cycles of regeneration, causing an excessive quantity of waste. In terms of nutrition, soil overuse causes infertile grounds and in some extreme cases desertification.

Synthetic chemicals are another reality that could interact with DNA chains, as other elements caused by the inertial development without solid protocols of safety. It's required to consider testing for long periods and contemplating more than 120 years because this is the record in human longevity, or subsequent generations. Each day, different unknown and unguessed discoveries are being made about synthetic elements, long term side-effects due to processes with difficult explanations. Anyway, the capitalism lucrative side leads to more chemicals and with them, perhaps thousands of new consequences —good or bad— to discover. So, as what could happen is not controlled, this causes more instability.

At least climate aspects related to emissions and the variation of the atmospheric composition have an easy solution. Simply migrating to solar energy and focusing reforestation that instability problem could finally disappear, but for it, it's necessary individual's awareness and actions. If the place goes even more unstable, one of the worst policies is to sit down and wait for worse times.

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