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African Mahogany-BrassAfrican Mahogany-Brass

We should say that it's really interest and there's no problem on having furniture. But, as an innocent question, where do woods come from? It's true that some societies are demanding a great quantity of woods with a complex production, or, with other words, they are simply being exhausted from tropical or developing countries as a considerable business. This action has two main sides.

In one side we can observe a business model like thousands, based in cheap production and a higher sell price, and the raw material comes from the natural environment so once the terrain is acquired, it's free thus the business doesn't care about history or other species that live or depend from them. In the other stays the people that like the product because its fantastic beauty and properties, creating a debatablesense of nobility, luxury or exclusivity in some circumstances, so this side also doesn't care about the aforementioned aspects. Does it?

Some woods are in danger of extinction, as other species from the same environments. And now, the most important question: who is guilty? Because for sure, there's someone that is signing these actions in his / her historic data as a being that lives in a planet. Without doubts, there's a lucrative intention —say interest— in both sides.

Newly it's a great mistake, as evolved species should take responsibility of the diversity and welfare, trying to fight against monotony, loneliness and culpability for the aggression to the environment that truly gives life to all humans and other species.

Furthermore, it's more than possible to create wood substitutes from inorganic or waste elements, manufacturing panels for the industry without harming a single tree nor causing resource depletion. Synthetic materials with a 100% recycling capability aren't here, you could finally find wood and little parts of glued wood using perhaps high pressure (MDF, agglomerated, ...) like thousand years before.

Maybe it's time for focusing other advanced materials, in synthetic fiber latices with rational weight and consistency, standing screwing, sanding and why not polishing. Using for instance an abundant periodic element and exclusively, the destruction and recycling could be as easy as using an industrial press.

This reality seems rather similar to the fact of polluting the public air and create climate instabilities in the same area where an extremely powerful star gives energy in a constant manner, and there's enough development to use it.

Not very fortunate.

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