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No deforestation needed

FeaturedNo deforestation needed

Nature is much more than a living museum, each incredible detail is there for being enjoyed and it's the most valuable resource of art and engineering. Literally impossible that all this enormous complexity could be thought as a subproduct of arbitrary evolution, so we should accept that someone is superior. You look to the nature and start to understand what's a prodigious creativity and applied intelligence.

Everyone has the right to be part of this spectacle, looking, interacting to take advantage of the amazing ideas. To destroy art —even eat!— is not what you could guess from civilized species ... think in someone going to a common museum with the interest of breaking all the pictures.

Nature creates from true originality at a higher level, without obviously possible comparison to his creations.

Maybe we need to understand the great felony of attacking our only method to be part of another degree of intelligence. Touched by Nature equals to reach excel proportions and we, creatures, need to open our eyes. That's another responsibility for us because the next generations must receive a better heritage if possible and never worse. All that we are is because Nature, every second and sensation of our life have a reason solidifying another top priority that is extreme care for every aspect interrelated with.

A lot of species are endangered because the brutality of the human mankind, still finding a method to live without harming other species and destroying the habitat for the future. And, that's not the role of an endeavour that can understand it, so it's time to take action and change.

Deforestation means breaking into the museum, harming the habitat usually for ... money and personal benefit. There's enough place for planting trees that grow fast and can be used for our construction purposes, the rest is simply being guilty.

Other kind of woods are wonderful, no doubt, although ... are you putting yourself ahead in the list? Do you enjoy subtracting it to the future, a legendary forest and its life in collusion with all the businesses with principally money in their head? That's sarcastic because money is also paper. Another place to remember that there are things that money will never bring near. Who wants for the next generations a place without the possibility of enjoying all visual pleasures that Nature did conceive for this planet? If they are lost, is the greatest imaginable.

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