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Freezing achieves almost everything against alimentary waste part one

FeaturedFreezing achieves almost everything against alimentary waste part one

Any edible product for sale has a definite lifetime, and another much larger when is frozen. The aliments that cannot withstand this process are rare, so any of the following facts apply in general as another solution for the great disaster in organization that each day leads to alimentary waste in massive proportions.

Logistics says a simple fact: if for instance a vegetable last 10 days in normal conditions and several months frozen, starting the freezing process at the day five provides great opportunities for consumption. From seed to the market, there are too many costly actions that cannot be absurdly neglected when this easy solution is at hand.

Thinking in the subject, this straightforward methodology is completely capable of establishing control in a chaotic market that still makes revenue condemning a large aliment chain to the absolute waste, making the loss part of the business.

A logic idea, as the problem is more than analyzed from governmental entities, is to create laws to give distributors a rational chance (time) for selling and when it's over, the products are taken, rescued for freezing. This is much better than throwing them to the trash, and who presents objections would create an unfortunate and unquestionable advocacy of the waste of finite resources, right now necessary for living —poverty and malnutrition are two sad contemporary realities— and specially in the future, because there are too many generations to come.

Freezing against alimentary waste seems perfectly viable. Someone could say that it requires energy, although wait a moment! Is the Sun still there?

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