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Care for the habitat

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Maintaining the habitat in the best condition would appear as the first priority for any rational and evolved species. If the species creates an unsustainable civilization, damaging the environment constantly, and acts as it nothing happens the most important element fails. The future could (must) analyze how the contemporary societies do not know the lines of irreversibility, and either way continues in the same direction without proving rationality.

Condemns, aggressions, casualties, endangered species and a worse each day policy as the system's base, but other options are ready.

Vanity, greed, marginalization are as well common. While scientifically all humans have the same genetic code with minimal differences, since the first records of civilizations there's a tendency to create classes; the poorer work for sustaining the richer. Classes for a personal benefit, with slavery recently forgotten from law manuals, as licit and part of the normality, very near in time.

Now, the same nature that provided our life seems for some entities to be another slave to exploit with greed as the top priority. What matters most in analyzing the behavior is what causes, and that's how usually happen in a trial constituted from rational beings.

But another habit is to employ fancy words, masked as if they were solid actions. Multiple contemporary politicians know about this technique, and it's part of the problem.

As the destruction is still not too problematic for several societies since the life can continue for them, the provided sensation differs greatly from organization toward solving problems, but making them bigger. Carbon dioxide emissions is, maybe, the best example for today. Everyone knows that some setback should arise having billions of machines creating an insane rate of pollution, but how many did change their comforts or conveniences? Although you can count a percentage of whom did.

Once the new generations are trained for the same greed and tolerance for seeing others in extreme poverty when they are in abundance, wasting resources in exchange for commodities, the balance tends toward auto-destruction and extinction, with ages when necessity and resistance to oppression lead to extreme realities as it constantly happened in history.

The young people need to be awake enough to take control of what old generations did wrong and resolve the problems that interfere in their existence. Simply thinking for themselves, in a rational manner, with the same logic that comes from maths without factors like cults or other kind of proselytizing, refusing any education like a no through road. That way, they can look to what's required to modify behaviors. And of course nor a minimal gesture of violence should ever be contemplated, is never required when there's enough intelligence to acquire a broader view, possible for anyone but with other kind of effort though.

Fortunately, there are multiple people working each day for solving the biggest problem without waiting for worse years to come, and joining.

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