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Saving energy with timers

FeaturedSaving energy with timers

When electricity production is from carbon sources, to save energy is always interesting to avoid overall pollution and improve quality of life. Timers, in analog or digital fashion, help in the task of achieving this goal while the user starts to move the intelligence a bit in this form of rudimentary programming.

Analog timers usually have a wheel for setting time of activity, with 24 hours in total. That implies control, and affordable, when electronic apparatus are connected. If for instance a home studio doesn’t have use at night, set up the wheel to avoid consumption in stand-by time during that time. Very easy, nor a minimal maintenance setup during years; configure the wheel that every day it will automatically disconnect and connect the desired devices to the power line. The same for heaters, lights or whatever element.

By the way, numerous places (the most) doesn't use renewable sources as primary source and still pay for electricity. Using timers, the bill could be reduced considerably in some circumstances. Some would say that to be concerned is not comfortable or convenient. No, no, even a child could program these timers and get benefits for everyone.

Digital ones work in the same way.

Timers are also very useful when charging mobile devices, as lithium-ion shouldn't be fully charged if there's no instantaneous use or doesn't respond well to overcharging. Using the timer, the charging time is completely controlled. Some people do use the timer and the charger as a whole unit.

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