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Speed and distance records without external aid

FeaturedSpeed and distance records without external aid

Nor with intensive training or waiting for especial characteristics is possible to establish records in some areas. That's Nature's will and like it or not, the difference is pretty high. The maximum running speed for a human being is less than 40 km/h or 25 mph. Other species are also better prepared for long distance running, covering distances that would be almost unthinkable for a creature without wings. Perhaps thicker bones to withstand more speed.

Some very trained people are capable of running a marathon, a distance of 42,195 kilometers, in a bit more than two hours, but probably the 99% of the population can't even cross the finish line near five hours. And of course training also occurs in other species. So, the numbers cannot be fairly compared, as the number of trials in humans is usually in the order of millions or more. A horse would run a marathon quicker, some say about 1:30.

A Siberian husky doesn't hesitate in making 190 km each day. It's one of the so-called dog athletes.

While some like to compare things that cannot enter in the same group, if the race is well conceived there's really no opportunities for us. Adding some kind of obstacle the result could change, but only in these circumstances.

Factors like air intake, and the interrelated size of organs, extremities or muscles are always going to lift the balance at the same place, and not only in speed or distance.

In fact, this is a good psychological therapy to understand that we could scientifically demonstrate that Nature had conceived better engineering mechanisms for other species, instead of concentrating all in a single organism. The right or license to not respect their lives comes in a virtual scheme, without technical background but simply by oppression in contemporary societies.

Fortunately, multiple people are raising concerns against the current behaviors toward other beings with keywords like cruelty, brutality and the necessity of evolving. Let's remind that today there are thousand examples of whom live without requiring a single protein or byproduct taken from other species. Good to know it; because there's more than a carbon footprint in everyone's life.

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