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Steps in transportation decontamination: China

FeaturedSteps in transportation decontamination: China

Any populated area should establish solid, effective plans to avoid the great setbacks related with pollution. It is not a secret that China is right now the second largest economy although also one of the most populated zones, with multiple industrial sectors creating an important percentage of the world production.

According to statistics —or merely by logic reasoning— China is one of the countries with higher degree of overall contamination. Nevertheless, its policies reveal that is not waiting for worse times without doing anything simply because the economic affairs go well. Theoretically, it's possible to exist without creating toxicity toward necessary elements for living and maintaining an adequate level of health, satisfaction and yes, also production. So, why then creating problems and an unsustainable development?

The State Grid Corporation of China is owned by the state as its name suggests, and it has the exclusive right for electric distribution. This entity is now obviously committed to push electric vehicle (transportation is still the greatest source of pollution) usage toward better figures, constructing an EV infrastructure and evolving in standardization.

Please check this document to review its goals.

This path is a problem solver!

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