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Compatibility and modularity avoid e-waste

FeaturedThe "mass market" implies new planificationsThe "mass market" implies new planifications

Technology was evolving in a constant manner during the last decades, and at the same time creating enormous quantities of waste. This shouldn't look like an obligatory condemnation to the environment at all because there are other techniques that permit the evolution but without the senseless action of closing the eyes while the electronic waste gets bigger and bigger like a monster that sooner or later will bring disasters.

It's clear that some companies are making efforts to not permit those techniques, and then, they could be accused of collaborating in creating more problems instead of solving them. But also a policy that focuses closed opportunities commonly means more revenue. What kind of game creates more winners when they play dirtier? Let us remind that words like elegance, sportsmanship, honor, equal opportunities shouldn't never be forgotten...

As it be, the field is full of pernicious actions thus charging to the user the greater responsibility of what buys and what despises.

Thinking only a bit, anyone could identify that the most relevant quantity of electronic products aren't conceived for being upgraded, keeping older parts as complements or basis. This is a critical reality in context, and that explains why some areas are receiving mountains of old products with perhaps 95% of their internal parts in perfect operational state. The solution is even to burn them, creating toxic dumps to the public air and increasing risks not only to locals, but for everyone. Air, soil, water contamination could reach thousands of kilometers away.

A good reason to be more careful when buying products and start thinking in what could ensure more years of use and less waste to the environment. Please also remember that nobody nowadays would trust too much in recycling when most critical materials are not recycled even when the waste is disposed correctly.

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