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White sand dunes in New Mexico

FeaturedWhite sand dunes in New Mexico

The protected area of White Sands in New Mexico, United States, is formed for the biggest plaster dunes of the world, offering to us this extraordinary landscape.

It exists a great controversy in the country because the area is a protected zone surrounded by military installations that during multiple years were employed as test base for missile launching.

It's very rare to find plaster in sand form due to its great solubility in water. The origin goes back a few hundred million years when the zone was covered by a not very deep sea. Its waters were retreating gradually, lasting lagoons of salted water that finally evaporated over time, caused by the action of the Sun.

The dunes are formed by tiny crystallized grains of plaster and eroded by the wind.

These formations have been possible thanks to the fact that the zone is very isolated and it doesn't have exit to the sea, therefore the scarce rains accumulate the dissolved plaster that ends crystallizing. The erosion of the wind makes all the rest offering to us these extraordinary white sand dunes that constantly change of shape.

They are located 25 kilometers southwest of Alamogordo (New Mexico) in the United States.

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