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Renewable hegemony, sooner or later

FeaturedRenewable hegemony, sooner or later

Electricity, even taken from renewable sources, could have a price and that's simply fair and logical because of course the process of harvesting energy requires installations, equipment, maintenance, workers, ...

A developing EV industry has then great interest for those electric companies that know how their numbers would increase considerably and helping, the best of all, to resolve the critical issue caused by air pollution.

As the oil prices should constantly increase due to resource depletion and its interrelated aspects, any investment on renewable energies for electricity production seems a perfect choice. Besides, with the lack of resources, the oil sector is starting to gain a very bad reputation with fracking and the interest on using aggressive attacks to the environment. It should remember than the user decides what to buy. Finally there's no competitor against our beloved Sun and its clean energy. Every rational organism obviously prioritizes what's better for the environment in which lives.

Oil was more or less like the tobacco reality because at a first look nobody knew its critically unhealthy properties. Now, millions are give up smoking or planning how to do it because tobacco could lead to a premature death. Combustion engines started like a revolution, but right now the populated cities carry an insane rate of pollution. Consequences like smog, climate adversities, dirty, allergies, respiratory diseases, are each day more common. Life has other formalities today like smelling the traffic, breathing toxic particles that cause blood contamination and a higher risk of death according to several studies.

Let's insist that all of this in a planet where the Sun places more energy than globally required and there's enough development and technology for taking it! It looks like the oil business doesn't have place and the only problem is how oil companies, now big after their golden age, decide to continue in the same irresponsible procedures instead of mutating toward renewable energy infrastructures using their economic power, advancing and avoiding at the same time the inexorable catastrophe due to oil exhaustion and use.


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