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Highest environment temperature on Earth

FeaturedFurnace Creek, Death ValleyFurnace Creek, Death Valley

Leaving volcanoes or other singularities aside, there are some surprising numbers here. The highest temperature ever recorded was in 1913, reaching 56.7ºC! The place is called Furnace Creek, and anyone could guess the reason.

This location of California has an elevation of almost sixty meters below sea level, with summer temperatures surpassing 50ºC with frequency. Then, some parts of the installation remain closed, but someone established here, with these conditions, a golf tournament called “The heatstroke open”.

Nevertheless there are objections to the recording, with some people asseverating that it's an error. The place recently reached (2013) a temperature of 53.9ºC, so it's really a furnace and a record breaker.

In Tunisia, Africa, there's another record from 1931, with 55ºC. Concretely an Oasis called Kebili, therefore surrounded by desert areas.

It's true that being pretty far in time and with less developed technology and media backup, there's chance to perspicacity. Then, for those readers with doubts, let's select those of the current millennium. Sulaibya, Kuwait 53.6ºC (2013); Mohenjo-daro, Sindh, Pakistan 53.5ºC (2010); and of course, Furnace Creek!

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