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8 methods to avoid air pollution

8 methods to avoid air pollution

Now some advice to avoid the risks of interacting with pollution every day because there are good reasons for taking care of it. Sadly, the smoke that comes from vehicles and industry is obviously not healthy and increases the probability of experiencing different issues related with the organism. Allergy, respiratory diseases, abnormal cell reproduction, blood toxicity and harmful particle storage are some examples.

There is also another factor and it's the difference of breathing and living in a clean environment or full of contamination and dirt, where quality of life decreases in a senseless manner. Please consider:

1. Substitute your combustion car for an electric vehicle

Normally the main sources of pollution in any contemporary city are combustion engines. Electric vehicles have now an interesting range and amazing benefits like avoiding your responsibility in damaging your own habitat.

2. Depend only on renewable energies

Oil is right now very expensive and day after day these resources are more scarce, so the extraction price augment as the difficulty for interrelated businesses. Renewable energies are potentially free if the user installs a harvesting system, and obviously the price must be lower as it doesn't involve complicated extraction or refinement. The “black gold” road doesn't have exit, so the best moment to leave it is as fast as possible.

3. Avoid atrophying using other transportation methods

A car is a motorized seat where the user almost doesn't make a single effort. Talking about health, this is not especially recommendable. Other exercises do improve organic functions, decrease toxicity and risks toward some diseases. Bicycle or walking are the usual ones to mention.

4. Even using a car, no single seat should be empty

Incredible to observe some cities with a high degree of pollution and with a surprising rate of empty seats per vehicle. It doesn't speak very well for the logistics.

5. Get information about your zone and act accordingly

If you neighbor is a nuclear plant, there are multiple chances that this source provides energy for the area and the same for hydroelectric or wind turbines. Although consuming energy shouldn't be disturbing when humanity has a nearby star burning massive amounts of hydrogen each second, sometimes it's in the present state of evolution. Then, it emerges a new responsibility for who demands energy.

6. Decide your itinerary

Any city has different points where the air contamination is higher or lower, and a good indication is the noise. A little detour could worth every extra meter.

7. Healthy body with healthy nutrients

If sport is one of the main detoxification options, a well-planned diet is fundamental in the contemporary life. It requires information, but fortunately Internet is plenty of it. Vegetables and fruits are singularly friends of the human organism and life expectancy.

8. Nothing works, so how much for a mask? A respirator

Not the first time that you could see an image with someone wearing a mask due to the high degree of pollution. Nobody wants to be in that position, but there are probabilities of being more if nothing changes and the population simply awaits.

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