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As citizens of the world everyone shares the responsibility of thinking in the future before consuming finite resources. One of the main problems of a free market and economies that depend on the sales volume from private entities is how it promotes consumerism and with it an accelerated rate of resource depletion.

Leaving aside areas which provide goods of first necessity, multiple others are constantly presenting new ideas to coerce for new sales, and the methods achieve a completely unsustainable development. The current solutions for getting rid of the enormous waste proceeding from older products don't work and frequently use developing countries as cheap dump. It only helps in the task of hiding —temporally— the consequences and causing critical setbacks to the population of these zones.

A rational life should study what needs and why, and trying to consume finite resources with a very good reason. Nevertheless there's another behavior coming from who prefers to forget every aspect that makes him / her to lose personal benefits. This kind of idiosyncrasy acts against too many lives and if every person takes this path the development could avoid the possibility of living in well conditions, so, opinions aside, sustainability is essential to guarantee clean air, water, food and without provoking crisis that could promote fatal natural disasters creating extreme or impossible conditions to live.

As some societies are now despising perfectly useful goods and buying as another vice, even buying what they already have —when others don't have anything— and then our advice is other time to underline the word responsibility and talk about respect for the environment that created our life and possibilities.

The aforementioned actions are more than worrying and they should change as fast as possible. Anyway, everyone could promote the change!

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