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Development also arrives with energy production

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Vast zones with a theoretical high energy output are being underutilized for energy production. Some of them like Africa carry development problems, in critical areas like health or education, problems that could be solved easily if the country develops better infrastructure to harvest energy.

Thinking in thermosolar energy, a technology that could function during hundreds of years almost without maintenance and with a reasonable entrance for square meter, every location with large desert areas has the potential to become an economical spot as energy is one of the products with more output. Being clean, also helps fight the well-known toxicity that causes too many issues.

Electricity, a Nature's key pillar, has still a more important role today. This is obviously for the aforementioned disaster caused after converting population in air pollution entities, and giving industries an easy energy resource without wanting to predict what would happen next.

Now it's time to be realistic and understand that continuing at this rhythm is a senseless option. Then, EV technology is starting to be ready for mass production thus any citizen should be responsible and reduce to zero his or her carbon dioxide output per year buying an electric car and focusing only renewable energy.

Besides, it gives chance to some development countries for producing electricity and enable them in the path to prosperity. Nor a single combustion engine should exist anymore once the humanity has the technology to develop (and the purchase option) vehicles based in potentially 100% clean energy as electricity.

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