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Green or simply reasonable

Green or simply reasonable

Green, red, yellow, or whatever tag shouldn't apply when an organism depends on air, nutrients and water principally. Are only "greens" worrying about the state of the environment in which everyone lives? That doesn’t show great sense, nor existential adaptation for living as good as possible without harming where dependencies are, being this more logical from a rational life form.

It's true that today the development is completely unsustainable, even when Nature provides regenerative cycles that could support a civilization and diversity during other thousand million years. But, wasting every day and forcing the aforementioned cycles ends creating desolation where prosperity would exist without complications.

Too many companies promoting a noxious cycle for constantly consuming resources and wasting «old» ones, where nor even recycling is taken seriously into account. Those «green» companies think on it, although for instance plastics aren't recycled in general close to the 15%, and the other 85% lies in the dark side of the contemporary civilization. Not only plastics, of course, the problem is a consequence of giving freedom to exploit different planet resources and for culprits of destroying diversity and environment health a social award based in economic power. A power that is real and virtual at the same time, nevertheless it gives chance to more deplorable actions.

Those actions are being made to everybody's home, future generations included. So a green tag is one that was attached to every one of us at the moment of breathing for first time. Nature had provided life and possibilities, so as a sign of gratitude and respect, every individual should remember why is living and never put him or herself ahead of Nature, and then, nor a mere harm for personal convenience.

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