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The cigarette smoke is usually far from natural, with thousands of chemical substances added to create more addition and, with it, economical benefits in exchange for other's health.

It's really difficult to understand how a government could judge what's a public health backlash when permits to sell tobacco with this kind of idea in mind. However, if you go to a common bar and purchase a pack of cigarettes, you have a proof about how it happens in a large number of countries.

Please remind that to leave this habit is as easy as to plan how to do it, reducing every day a bit until the organism practically doesn't demand, so a little effort there and that's all.

Today there's no doubt of what tobacco causes to health, but the benefits of do not smoking are more than this. Think in the general quality of living without addictions giving you orders, or having extra energy due to cleaner lungs, and tasting better thanks to the increased sense of smell. Money is also in the account, and especially for not giving a cent to those businesses without care about the discovered reality of tobacco and continue selling potential health risks.

With any cigarette rate, a little time for the leaving process, some sport and ... free and healthy!

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