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Capitalism or maybe another word

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Lucrative interest has many variants, and some of them enter in the realm of non ethical actions, so socially reproachable. Not always from a legislative perspective; in fact, some countries do allow great aggressions without too many worries, thinking with prioritization in economic venture. Sooner or later, this behavior is expected to bring consequences in this area, causing other subsequent issues. Climate is an example that could make an economy fall like a leaf, easy of being followed by sight.

There are who prefers to learn after a great shock, but anyway the most rational method is to think in advance so the impact doesn't cause damages. Using the environment like a cheap dump for sending residues has the counterpart of the continuity, thus some day the situation will be unsustainable and almost surely very difficult (and expensive) of being solved. Other times the damage goes to a deeper level so the consequences would be constant.

If some entity is acting without concerns about the actions that cause air pollution, waste with a scarce recycling ratio like those coming from electronic products or contamination in general without establishing a plan that should make the company lose some profit, it would be more or less expectable to observe it making tendentious assumptions about its implications. Then, the climate is like always, as every aspect of the habitat, and thanks to it they are rich or trying to be. That's sounds like a children's song, fantasy against the beloved profit and opulence, so the planet can pay for all parties with bigger dumps and overall toxicity, greater plastic islands in the ocean and its acidification, poverty or other problems of resource depletion, extinctions, and more... all without culprits.

Curious when some capitalist companies prefer to avoid taxes and forget also how public services like education, health, installations like roads, airports, streets, parks, or systems to clean water, libraries, etc. So “proud capitalists” are using them or their family, but at the same time they prefer to make others pay. Other time more profit? Not capitalism, is another word.

Sadly numerous capitalist entities are by far deceived when they consider themselves essential. If miraculously some contemporary company —even the bigger one— disappear without a trace, let other opportunistic fellows stay there. In a while they could have comparable proportions and movements, and the most relevant percentage of people would forget that company after some time.

If that doesn't happen today is for several factors and for sure one of them appears when the company enters in the consideration of “banking” and pursues to exert pressure. At least until the population goes toward another location because there are no feudal lords anymore; the new king looks advertisement although it's very difficult to tame since one or another day answers to stochastic momentum. The standards of stock market and external capital makes the bankruptcy another normal, enhanced process. So why not consider the capitalist system like gambling because who knows what's next and how the experience of falling was for others!

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