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Accounting with radon

FeaturedGranite should contain about 5ppm of uraniumGranite should contain about 5ppm of uranium

At a first look, radon looks interesting as is a gas that emits alpha particles, but the problem appears when those radioactive particles are near organic tissues. Different zones have a considerable quantity of this naturally occurring radioisotope, after being created after the long half-life period of uranium-238. Radon, due to the emission of the aforementioned particles ends —curiously—creating lead after polonium and bismuth.

During almost 4 days, radon, mixed with air, has radioactivity and perhaps it's not the first time that any of us did breathe this gas. Fortunately, alpha particles might be stopped by the skin or some centimeters of air, although it continues being another risk to health. Locations with high concentration in homes should install devices to renew the air or do it manually through the usual ventilation.

An alpha particle has energy, and any form of energy could be harvested in theory for other purposes. In the case of this energetic gas coming from uranium, perhaps there's some available method! Besides, it would be helpful in the task of avoiding unfriendly radiation.

Statistics are curious sometimes, with places showing a high concentration of this gas having a higher life expectancy than others without it. Is finally radiation helping?

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