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E-waste continues

FeaturedE-waste continues

As manufacturers need to continue presenting new products to increase consumption and remain active in business, the first factor to consider is when new features are seen as enough to despise an electronic device. Secondly, some manufacturers do not want to create a product that lasts a lifetime because doing so it should lead to fewer opportunities to sell another one. For one reason or another, the product breaks and also the user is not accustomed in general for making efforts to repair the device. Furthermore, it's sometimes the excuse to purchase a shiny substitute with other characteristics, well hyped by who has interest on it.

The software industry is continuously increasing CPU and memory demand for their own competitive reasons, so they claim more new hardware with their actions.

Also sometimes cheaper solutions like power supplies with stressed components like those well-known based on oscillators and several filtering sections, is another source of failures included in the plan.

In an evolved state of evolution, the industry and society in general takes a lot of care of what produces and uses because they know that giving wrong steps the result is more and more unnecessary waste, exchanged for environmental issues that sooner or later will cause health setbacks. The solution of creating a great dump zone in developing countries is more than lamentable, even in a higher degree when who produces the waste prefer to took toward another place, forget the fact or stay in the convenient ignorance.

To really solve the critical loop there are so many alternatives: less use, more repair and laws against products engineered to last less. Also, avoid consumerism and advertisements for renewing equipment that is still in the use period, with a more informed end user that demands more warranty and quality. On the other side, several electronic parts or predefined circuits tend to fail with time, so why is rare to know about some research on them? A well-designed electronic circuit, with pieces without lifetime, should last a long time and not a mere century.

Even passing to the recycling step, it's necessary parts with markings and a specialized industry that processes every component ensuring that no waste is produced.

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