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China against plastic bags since 2008

FeaturedChina against plastic bags since 2008

This challenge is since then giving results and serve as an example of what's possible. Any government should be responsible and promote reusable bags and containers, because the population only needs a little time for habituation and after it, there are only benefits.

Each year, the number of saved tons of plastic and interrelated oil augment since the beginning. Recent estimations did present magnitudes in million tons, so it's a good indication of what could happen if all nations follow the same direction.

China is not the unique location establishing limits for a senseless waste like this —what's wrong with carrying a bag?— that for sure causes energy consumption and overall contamination. Other countries or cities did the same, but the number of inhabitants of China could appear like a good example.

With lucrative interests in mind, and forgetting that all citizens will experience the consequences of pollution and environment toxicity in general, different companies prefer urge convenience providing plastic bags. In other times no one would complain, but in the current day there are issues at a global scale that need a fast and definitive solution.

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