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Exploration and utilization of outer space

FeaturedExploration and utilization of outer space

There are several international treaties about this topic with the finality of declaring exploration and utilization of outer space as a general interest of humanity. For the good of all people, with international cooperation and pacific relationships.

A great step to remember because the past history about colonization was critical, but this establishes a new perspective, a sign of evolution where international teams work together to achieve the highest degree of success, leaving aside that history that none of us wrote, but other generations with constraints of their different environment and development.

This spirit is also the key to solve the environmental problem that today is a sad consequence of the hydrocarbon energy. It's necessary to foment a shift toward renewable energies, specially making use of the vast locations in which is possible to harvest solar energy and then to create a distribution chain of electricity and rely only on this energy, more than enough almost for every purpose.

Years to come, but there's hope!

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