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Rainfall per square meter measurement

FeaturedRainfall per square meter measurement

In some zones the unit of measure to measure precipitation is the millimeter since one litter in a square meter would augment a millimeter in height. During a single 24 hour period, with very intense rainfall, there are possibilities of surpassing 1000 mm, so 1000 liters per square meter.

Pouring rain is somewhat subjective, but for saying anything 30-50 liters per square meter in less than an hour. Some areas did register fifty liters in a single square meter in twenty minutes.

Recorded catastrophes, with considerable destruction could start when 50 liters per square meter or more insist during multiple hours. For instance, after 20 hours, it's 1000mm, or one meter of height. It's really difficult to design an evacuation system capable of handing this rate, and usually the water starts to create dangerous floods. Any flood initiates a chain of events, with delicate factors like dams or bridges.

Intense rainfall might destroy roofs and other structures of the house. If the house collapses as it has recently occurred in different places, residents may die. For that reason, it's very recommendable to establish an emergency plan. In these circumstances, any citizen should analyze each structure and never trust completely each one. Landslides are another great problem; even entire roads could collapse.

Until a liter volume, harvest stand without losses although at a high rate normally they are affected. Normally the news about intense rainfall always speak of these problems.

There's more water in the cycle, so, let's be ready.

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