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How much CO2 from a single person?

FeaturedHow much CO2 from a single person?

Assuming 150 grams per kilometer, with a total of 15.000 kilometers each year and a life expectancy of 82 years, starting to drive at 21 the result is 137.2 CO2 tons.

Another possible case is 398 grams per kilometer, 30.000 kilometers each year and the same scenario in the other variables so 728.3 CO2 tons.

“The rise of machines” did not start with favorable realities. Maybe there are still people thinking that they aren't doing nothing bad for their habitat when they sign as many tons of this greenhouse gas plus carbon monoxide, partially burnt hydrocarbons and more. Carbon dioxide leads to destruction of different areas, decreases quality of life and favors climate issues.

Numerous societies are playing the game of classes, where economic welfare is associated with bigger and more expensive vehicle/s and then, consumption. Finally the class also appears as living organisms that depend on air and environment stability for living in well conditions, thus whom decide to be enemies of the atmosphere are also damaging themselves and that's their “class”, or with other words position in the existential truth.

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