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Catalyst, a strange friend

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Some people think that the catalyst helps in the task of avoiding harmful pollution but this could be incorrect or incomplete. The first aspect to remember is the environmental disaster caused by this kind of combustion machines, indifferently with catalyst or not. In fact, the catalyst in some cases produces more carbon dioxide emissions after burning hydrocarbons still present after the main combustion. In other circumstances, it restores the original oxygen and nitrogen after their reaction due to an incorrect mix of fuel and air in the combustion process.

Adding the other possibility for the activity of the catalyst, the conversion of carbon monoxide and oxygen into carbon dioxide, it's all done without more fantasies about chemical magic inside the exhaust tube.

Thanks to catalysts, there are less probabilities of breathing carbon monoxide or partially burnt hydrocarbons, although like it was explained this causes carbon dioxide in both reactions.

Carbon dioxide is a well-known greenhouse gas, then the origin of climate adversities and unbalance. It produces ocean acidification and with it great catastrophes and singularly in susceptible zones like coral reefs and its related species, one of the best legacies and more amazing places on Earth.

Here's where this strange friend arrives, to ensure that all the carbon dioxide initially planned in the combustion is produced. Furthermore, reducing carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide, it avoids a variable percentage but never completely, with less than 50% in the situation of carbon monoxide coming out to the public air.

The combustion, with chemical basis, is always the problem and electric vehicles plus solar energy can solve it forever without more headaches about technology or chemical subtleties like potential disasters caused by interacting in massive proportions adding risky reaction products like water, hydrogen, nitrogen or whatever... carbon dioxide was (is) an example.

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