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Are all plastics recycled?

FeaturedAre all plastics recycled?

According to EPA from United States, in 2011 the 92% of plastics was not recycled. So, a great quantity of them aren't useful for the recycling industry, because it's equipped with specific machinery that only likes to accept certain types and in optimal conditions. For this reason, none could think that all plastics end up in appropriate places, but creating environment impact and with it overall toxicity and soil.

The citizen then might believe that being responsible and cooperating, the act of constantly consuming plastics is nothing bad nor problematic, as there's a professional infrastructure for it. That's far from correct in the present year... you could expect a little better although perhaps still less than 10%.

With these critical numbers, the rational position against degenerative development would be avoiding as much as possible plastics in the usual consumption chain. Producers have, as always, the possibility of developing new methods to accustom users toward containers for multiple uses employing different materials.

Several metals and glass types are much better than most plastics in terms of contamination. The industry should know it, and government structures as well. So with legislation or sectoral procedure agreements is at hand, any moment.

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