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Spacetime and the Universe

Beyond imaginationBeyond imagination

In Star Trek there's some device that creates a Universe deformation [...] thanks to a special kind of matter called warp drive. And then, some object could advance at a greater speed than the light, cheating even the most powerful known energy and its propagation across the Universe.

Some terms were proposed like "spacetime", "the continuum", "gravitational waves" or the aforementioned "warp drive" using a new dimension. In fact, the idea of trying to measure space with time is really a revolution and implies an almost unseen creativity. But if length is possible, why not volume or weight?

The nearest star stays calmly at a distance that is almost impossible of being conceived for those spending more than five minutes walking a mile. Some zeros here: 39,900,000,000,000 km or 24.800.000.000.000 miles away to reach the nearest single star! From 23 to 24 trillion there's time to learn something new if you drive.

Movies aside the distance seems too far away even for any kind of try, besides if some idea tries to consider a device that permits an advance surpassing the speed of light it appears a chance for discovering the outermost Universe's limits in any of the two possibilities based in expansion or not.

Science until today remains logical and from this viewpoint any object inside a globe —another simpler analogy is a pool— advancing in a rectilinear motion should have a defined time to reach a point where is not possible to advance. A limitation like the speed of light would ensure that this will never happen. Or an impossible distance for avoiding cultural interactions at a different degree of evolution...

Presently some of the fastest spaceships would need more than 30.000 years to enter the Proxima Centauri's system. A good opportunity to remind that Earth should be conserved as potentially the unique habitable home, in a rational manner without destroying it for papers with numbers on them.

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