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Seven days then it can signify seven showers or even more, and with an average consumption of 15 or 20 liters each minute, for a very optimistic five minute period, we have in the worst case more or less one hundred liters. Ten minutes could make to say goodbye to near 200 hundred litters in a single shower.

Technically, there are different realities without being possible opinions about it. To maintain an adequate hygiene is not necessary to consider a daily shower in normal conditions. After doing some physical exercise, the organism tries to recalibrate temperature and that possibly causes a reason for a shower. There are people who take a shower each month or more, and being some of them old, it's obvious that the dirt found on the skin couldn't be extremely noxious for health.

If some individual lives alone in an entire planet, there aren't many worries about the number of showers that he or she takes. Although in the present day there are individuals by billions and then nobody looks really special about this aspect.

Other normally proposed truth is that the feeling of water falling through your skin could be considered a pleasure. Also the sensation of cleanness after it is perhaps addictive from some perspective. Is it convenient? Let's answer after some lines.

Mentioning this personal benefit and potential interest of someone that puts himself or herself first in the list of worries, there are implications. And reminding that there are serious environment issues with different areas being constantly damaged by the excess of pollution, in general an unsustainable development and thousand species placed in danger of extinction or other extreme circumstances, … it's possible to remind what is responsibility and who we are and why.

Nature as always proceeds with logical processes and consequences for them. It's not necessary and then, why cleaning it? The skin has so many inherent activities and one is to protect itself from external aggressions, and remind that some areas are very, very polluted and not particularly air but also water.

Clean and reclean for sure could eliminate this natural protection and open a door for possible issues and that in part answers the past question. Gels normally are chemicals and also have more chances for entering the organism. Wet the hair every day and use shampoo is not recommended by related professionals because it appears a risk toward the scalp.

Then, the optimal, rational rate seems two, three times per week, also to wash hair.

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