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Each day more people understand that it's necessary to act avoiding damage to the planet. And for that there are at least two positions because even without being responsible of it, in several zones some work is required to solve actions of the past. Although the good news is that there's a great community without money in their heads but a truthful interest for the environment.

The number of people with knowledge of the great environment issues of our time is getting bigger each day. That's very important because some companies are very worried about blocking information because they know that this is a specially relevant factor. Practically nobody wants to live in a planet with too much toxicity, with endangered species, full or dirt or trash, nasty climate, where people die of hunger or lives in degrees of poverty. Take a walk and make an inquiry and you will discover it! There are not bad intentions in general, the main problem is habituation.

The human specie is specially efficient for our ability to work together, and build a culture for new generations. Awareness is fundamental, and young generations have with Internet perhaps the best source of information for anything. There are more opportunities for being more concerned and taking more steps to solve problems, and, in the case of environment, each living organism has the right to defend it as another family member. Environment is also our father or mother, take what you like more... but no doubts about it!

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