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Big oil and customers

FeaturedBig oil and customers

The idea is simple: take property of a natural resource and sell it. Hydrocarbons have a great energy content; gasoline is only surpassed in energy density by hydrogen and uranium-235. Then, it seems a good product for those businessmen that try to forget what pollution is causing locally and globally! Vehicles were only for rich people but after a while, their price should be convenient because there are more than a billion vehicles in the present time.

You can smell, taste (particles fly inside your mouth), hear them, in every city and it's very common to see how numerous consumers drive the vehicle alone without passengers. Perhaps they also try to not worry about ocean acidification or other atmospheric consequences due to monstrous quantities of pollution each day. A normal vehicle weighs more than a ton, but fuel is powerful enough for the "assistance" and this is where the business comes into place.

"Big oil" refers to a group of multimillionaire companies that are extracting and selling the natural resource. Usually six, from different nationalities: BP plc (UK), Chevron Corporation (US), Exxon Mobil Corp (US), Royal Dutch Shell plc (UK), Total S.A. (French) and ConocoPhillips (US).

Some sources cite that some of these companies are powerful enough for creating links in politics, through lobbies or being involved directly. If they are intermixed with politics, anyone could guess several prerogatives to them and actions toward controlling market.

It's common to observe companies with too many zeros of revenue interacting with others, media or whatever sector. Sometimes studying boards of directors is interesting because some people appear multiple times in companies that theoretically, aren't from the same group and even in national banks.

How it be, any citizen should be responsible enough for thinking about what he or she is doing that could harm the environment in which lives and him or her descendants will. Nevertheless, it's not the first time that someone appreciates how media, advertisement and other informative sources aren't touching sustainability themes but promoting the chain of unnecessary consumption and degenerative development.

How many government campaigns trying to stop daily consumption of pollution sources did you see recently? In our side, not a lot for sure. You see motor games with brand logos and interrelated advertisements. In TV, there's a constant promotion to sell combustion engines or advertisement from Big Oil companies. Nothing is happening then? Only by lamentable hypocrisy or disinformation there's who finally pretends it, but the facts are severe and it could need hundreds of years for being completely forgotten.

None could discuss that big oil also means big pollution and like it was said thousand times there are things that money can't buy and never will. One of them might be to die reminding that you did not actions to collaborate in the environment debacle that we are living with, in exchange of your richness or commodity. That could be very inconvenient for your reputation in front of the future or other occasional judges.

Since when solar energy is not enough to provide all the energy that the human development needs? There's a "big star" employing nuclear reactions though [...].

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