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Ocean acidification and daily destruction awareness

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The human specie started, innocently, a new geologic process that tries to convert all inoffensive hydrocarbons in solid or liquid forms toward carbon dioxide gas. There are too many individual collaborators working for that purpose with their carbon dioxide production machines, principally vehicles based in combustion engines. In other location of the chain, there is who sells hydrocarbons and it's not a causality that they possess one of the best available business in terms of revenue and several of the top world companies right now. They are basing their business and social convenience on the other side with a clear objective: to broke the equilibrium of Nature, the reason for their life.

Much more important than money is health and the stability for the place in which you live, of course because your life could depend on it. Does anyone think that the atmosphere could be treated like a dump without adversities for the ecosystem? No, no, that's not a guess nor for children.

Let's review some obvious realities about carbon dioxide and the delicate carbon cycle to support life in optimal conditions. The ocean has a definite degree of acidification —pH— as it's an aqueous solution and depends on carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When the aforementioned geologic process initiates, the pH of the ocean is being modified... and this phenomenon has already a name because it's happening. Ocean acidification has a chemical explanation, in the most part technical, but everyone could remind that carbon dioxide is used in drinks because the possibility of interaction and storage exists. Concretely carbon dioxide molecules react with water to create bicarbonate and hydronium ions thus leading to an acidification.

It's believed that approximately 45% of the released carbon dioxide was not absorbed by oceans or plants, increasing measured parts per million at the atmosphere. Then, what happens with the other 55%? Perhaps some people prefer to worry more about the next TV show or who wins some aleatory game, but anyway this is extremely important for every organism living on Earth and for future generations.

Wikipedia informs us with those sentences:

It is predicted that, by the year 2100, the level of acidity in the ocean will reach the levels experienced by the earth 20 million years ago.


[...] This rate is 100 times faster than any changes in ocean acidity in the last 20 million years, making it unlikely that marine life can somehow adapt to the changes.

A simple question arise... is the human specie unintelligent enough to continue the process even being capable of understanding it? With this assumption, the predictions have a chance.

One of the most amazing locations on Earth are coral reefs, with an incredible proof of superior art and creativity. Ocean acidification attacks them because the corals are strictly related with carbon dioxide absorption. The Caribbean has lost 80% of coral reef cover over the last few decades, and other zones are also brutally affected.

Is not this single factor enough to coerce for an immediate change and international protection?

Do societies know about CO2 free public transport, electric vehicles, bicycle, walking? Strict demand or production of solar energy or other renewables? To use the combustion engine starts to be like collaborating to destroy the place in which trillions live and more trillions expect to live. Being a clear enemy of the planet, besides without responsibility nor gratitude for the life that we have. By the way, actions for change are at hand so what are you waiting for? Please never forget the transcendence of it.

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