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Standby mode, always?

FeaturedStandby mode, always?

While the electric energy doesn't come from renewable energies, it causes pollution or nuclear waste. This makes the act of consuming electric energy not really free of environmental implications. Besides, it leads to lose economic resources most of the time.

Standby mode is another example of when commodity causes resource consumptions for a reason that it's not strictly necessary. The equipment that relies on it, is still on and then consumes some electricity. Maths are usually tricky specially when time is taken into account. So for example 1 watt-hour doesn't seem a lot but that is equal to 24 watts-day or168 watts-week. Then, if you avoid standby mode for a week, you could turn on another electrical device that consumes 168 watts during an hour consuming exactly the same amount of energy.

This is more obvious for instance in a year period, 8084 watts. With two watts of standby mode (more usual) it's now near 20kW. Other devices demand much more power in standby mode, enough reason for reading in some places that standby mode is guilty for even the 10% of total consumption in a usual home.

As always there are other solutions to fight against unnecessary electric consumption and keeping commodity. A general switch is the first idea, and it can be placed in the same location of the light switch. With some tools and a bit of time and/or investment, the installation could be done in a couple of hours.

Other is the general switch in the floor, or with other words the wall socket where all devices are connected uses a multiple wall outlet with a mechanical switch. Then... using the foot or the hand if it's placed on a table.

It's better in a 10:1 ratio when 10 standby devices could be connected to a single one. There are outlets that come with remote control, pretty inexpensive and then, use it as the general switch for all devices. There's not the first home that has general switches activated by the smartphone.

Any idea of this kind reduces consumption per year very importantly, and the investment on equipment and environment health for sure compensates and makes you save money for your first sophisticated EV or solar energy harvesting installation! In fact, much better both ways.

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