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Spiral aloe or polyphylla

FeaturedSpiral aloe or polyphylla

This aloe variety, the polyphylla Schonland or spiral, is known by the symmetric grow of its leaves in a perfect spiral of five levels and in each level it has between fifteen and thirty leaves.

Is an endemic variety of the mountains Maluti at Lesotho, a country bordered both south and north by South Africa. It grows in cracks of basaltic rocks at high altitude (between 2000 and 2500 meters) in very pronounced slopes with loose rock that helps to maintain the plants very drained, with a constant flow of water principally in summer months, since at this height the rainfall is abundant and also an intense cold.

The plants have very multiple leaves (about 150) explaining to us their name: “poly” that means “numerous” and “phylla” leaves.

These leaves are wide, toothed, and very spiny, that go from a greenish gray to a purplish brown. Flowering occurs in spring and early summer, and the color of their flowers is dark red and pinkish salmon, and sometimes yellow.

It's very difficult to cultivate it and remains as an endangered specie. It appears at CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

Among its main threats are excessive pasturage, people interested from its medicinal properties, recollection for the illegal market and locals that cut the plants for giving them to animals because of their properties for health.

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