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Voluntarism's phenomenons

FeaturedVoluntarism's phenomenons

Voluntarism appears when some rational endeavor conceives a reality that doesn't exist objectively but it's taken as a truth because the desire of it. Some argue about the existence of God being part of voluntarism, like atheism. So eternal life in mystical localizations, reincarnation, range, tittle of nobility being mammals, or genetic manipulation thinking in being capable of controlling those with too many factors even for supercomputers without leaving something with vital importance, …, and more.

As it were, the current environmental disaster with thousand million pollution machines making the air toxic and increasing risks to everybody coming from natural disasters related with climate aspects, or worse atmospheric protection against harmful radiation coming from outer space could enter in the perspective of voluntarism for some societies. The fantasy of using the atmosphere as a dump thinking there will be no setbacks nor a future paying consequences.

In other side, it could be voluntarism to conceive a superior creator without taking notes about the contemporary behavior, or this with lack of relevance for asking favors when the time is ending for us; or for applying sanctions against it.

Then, it's possible to sustain people consuming a vast quantity of resources each day without real necessity, using plastics or glasses of a single use, polluting the air with carbon dioxide or worse chemicals, exploiting the soil for wasting all the food that nobody picks up in markets, attacking the environment and with it the cultural heritage of evolution endangering species, educating children to consume as the new fun activity… without worries and, in the meantime, watching TV for having “lot of laughs”. No, that looks like voluntarism or simply inconceivable!

All of it comes from a wrong organization since it's obvious that the human specie could live without being harmful for the habitat and its possibilities. Even, as a truly developed species, making the environment —cities included— healthier and subsequently more secure for every living organism. Cumulative environment degeneration doesn't fit well with passivity.

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