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Are advertisement behaviors licit?

FeaturedAre advertisement behaviors licit?

Psychologically there are actions that could produce the waste of a usable product. When some companies that work on ads try to convince population for purchasing a product that they already have, replacing other with available years of use, it's produced a questionable act.

Multiple companies rely on common tricks for this purpose, and some of them are based on something really similar to a gyp. That's because they conceive ads with the appearance of reality, buying sentences from popular people based in those opposed to the truth (I use / like ...), controlling like a tap the available technology for exploiting with numbers toward up or down, envisioning new shapes and features that force users to the only way of adaptation, forgetting to mention those not interesting and only (with lack of objectivity) overexciting the enthusiasm to take the credit card, treating people like another resource to exploit, …, to describe a few eventual actions.

So, you have a product with worth from your viewpoint and there's who tries, in the field of psychology, that the consideration of value be lost. The user throws it to the trash, by millions, and it comes the problem of waste in planetary proportions after decades of the noxious cycle.

The Pacific Ocean has right now an evidence of what happens after wrong actions. There was a time when an icon of cities, New York, did not possess enough infrastructure to handle garbage and the solution —in other words, the idea— was throwing it into the river. The planet is big, so momentarily might be possible to hide waste from the perception but sooner or later, stronger, it will come back!

That's why any promotion to make a bad use of products —resources— should be treated without condescension, because it's against the health of the planet, related to your own life expectancy, quality of life and overall possibilities.

The TV could seem right now a trampoline for the waste pool, like advertisement in general. Any person has a responsibility of caring about the environment that supports his or her life, in fact the reason for it thus thinking two times before consuming without reasons. This must lead to appreciation and respect, because nobody could attack the home of new generations without being an offender in front of the rationality and any casual judge like the future.

Then, use your cards and remember that each one of us have a history that we select and decide. Our recommendation is: stay away of those places where the cycle of consumption is promoted. A lamentable inertial behavior that is consuming the health of the air, water and nutrients. That's a good response, since in fact nobody forces you to look advertisement nor attack “indirectly” the environment.

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