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Supermarkets: offensive waste

Supermarkets: offensive waste

In this world there are numerous individuals without available food, losing their life for it. However, some companies seem without worries about it when almost every day they throw perfectly edible food but with esthetic problems, being for sale. Then, the photography of the place could have more make up nevertheless like always it's based on an unreal illusion. Is it really the truth? Could a fruit be perfect?

Why some fruit have rosins for creating artificial bright when they are for sale? Aren't we enough sharp-sighted to know it? There's a fine line separating this from the common swindle, because some perhaps would believe... and that leads to earnings, so the lucrative interest is not discussed here.

We have seen it with our own eyes! Some supermarkets, when they have fruit or vegetables with a little flaw, they weigh them in the scale to register the operation and after, without a single worry, the next is throwing them to the trash.

The fact is more serious than it looks at the first appreciation, because it also signifies that there aren't local contracts nor laws for giving destination to that perfectly edible nutrients. So, in general, nobody seems to care, like damaging the environment. How is the economy? If you ask, a great quantity of people should say that this is not right, but after five minutes they are throwing food, using combustion vehicles for commodity and convenience, playing to the classes, squandering energy in exchange of leisure time... demanding TV against culture and spending hours and hours without doing anything productive, working only by obligation. That's normal, like the toxic cloud coming from exhausts. Future generations do not deserve this.

Not too much honor in do not respecting others' problems, when they work for having food for their family and even that way, it's not enough. Poverty is one of the greatest issues of our time, someone did forget it recently?

If society is not attentive enough to make a good use of resources, sooner or later the attitude will bring calamities for everybody. Over exploitation of the soil drives to fertilizers, chemicals and with them Nature wants that the aliments lose their amazing taste until being like plastics. That's an enormous warning, but desertification is another issue that is very problematic, specially in overpopulation scenarios. Like it was said multiple times, life is not a game and every bad move counts. Today, it's even difficult try to count them and the answer is education and awareness, not normalities that you could see in a supermarket an aleatory afternoon.

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