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Environmental damage marks

FeaturedEnvironmental damage marks

Numerous home products carry markings about their toxic properties to the environment. They need to be handled with special care. As they vary in dependance of the country, it's important to read carefully the instructions and markings before using chemical products. Specially in areas of cleaning, painting and fixation or construction in general. Then, with the detailed information the user knows what kind of protection needs.

After using it comes the critical issue of the disposal, and the worst idea is to threat products of this kind like another organic material. Water contamination is a great source of problems to the environment in which all of us live and take our nutrition and with it, life expectancy. Although there's always the possibility of irresponsible individuals that throw them down the drain like other liquid exposing their (not only […]) health, the water installation and the environment.

Crystal is a material that normally stands in front of the most dangerous thinner or cleaning experiment. Then, it seems a good idea to keep some crystal bottles with a consistent cap, as hermetic as possible, and use them for storing dangerous substances after being used.

A couple of bottles don't bother in a corner even for decades, but if they start to grow there's time for asking where is the place for containers of this kind in your city. With responsibility and a little effort made by each one of us, the environment gets better!

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